The Reading Hall

     The Reading Hall has a capacity of 80 seats for study, with contemporary IT and Telecom equipment (wireless network and network infrastructure), access to digital libraries and the ability to borrow books and magazines. Users can use personal computers to log into the college  wireless network.

     The Reading Hall is a quiet space: users are required to avoid noise and to respect those who are studying. The consumption of food and drink in the Reading Hall is forbidden.

News paper and Magazines

    we have subscribe 6 following news papers.

        1.Dina malar

        2.Daily thandhi

        3.Dina karan

        4.Dina mani

        5.The hindu (Tamil)

        6.The hindu(English)



     Students have to submit their theses to the Reading Hall (Bachelor, Master's). For formatting and printing requirements see "Useful Documents" in the Reading Hall.


Employment servises

    we notify the good recruitment  for our notice bode for our students to easily find out


Hours of Operation:

     The Reading Hall is open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 18:00. During public holidays, as defined by the Rector's Council, the Reading Hall is closed. During break periods (Christmas, Easter, Summer) the schedule is adjusted accordingly.